Wednesday, 3 June 2015

"Print Party"

Hey guys! Who's excited for this post...I am! I've been wanting to make this post happen but due to a few things I had to keep postponing it. But Thank God it finally happened!



Now, It's that time of the year again...Summer!!! (but then it's always summer in Nigeria). This post is about my summer collection "Print Party".


It's pretty obvious i'm in love with prints but who doesn't right...especially in summer (again...thats everyday in Nigeria). So I decided to add a different design to this collection, a recreation of my everyday bag from H and M. This bag served me well and I wished it came in more designs, so i decided to make them myself...Love it!
What do you guys think about it, and what do you think about the collection? Is there something you would like to see or some design you would like? leave a comment below or email me!
Let's get talking!
HandM bag...picture from
                                                          The Blue Satchel

                                                                   Classic Spiral Mini bag
                                                                   The Red Satchel
red mini bag

Picking a fave from this collection is too damn hard! and whats more amazing about the satchels and mini bags? they all have leather interiors so you can just wipe out that makeup stain hehe

ps: A big shoutout to my day one model...always been ready to model for me since 1993 *kiss kiss*

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  1. Nice concept of display and also lovely design pattern btw

  2. Wow.. Muna, you're such an inspiration! I want every single one of them. Remember me when you get to the top, Gorgeous! (Please don't finish my money, I'm a Corper 😩)

  3. Lovely bags dear. Knew I had to cop em

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Muna, datz a 1daful one. Kip it up dearie. N I want them

    1. Thank you! You can place your order anytime!

  6. Cyclone was here.....woooosh!


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