Thursday, 2 June 2016

Summer Must have Handbags!

Hey guys! Before we dive into our discussion for today have you seen my last post ? It's basically an appeal to help a child get a new prosthesis, please read here, thank you and God bless!
Now let's dive in shall we? We all know summer is around the corner, well if you live in Nigeria you're aware of the unending summer and for people that work that don't really make a difference lol but the summer hype can never die innit.
So summer is around the corner and as you know a lot of things are trending, one of them would be a mini bag. It's not every time we're in the mood to carry big bags so these mini bags come in handy.

That being said, trust your gurl to always have your back, so at MunaMuoneke we have a new addition to the bag family, "A MINI BAG" and guess's only N5000, somebody say barrrrrrrgaiiinnn hehehe. Anyways, I'll be taking your orders anytime but this particular design is a limited edition because your girl wants to make flared pants with the remaining fabric so it'll be nice to put in your orders as soon as you can.

What do you guys think about the new design and the mini bag? Please don't forget to place your orders on time because of availability of this particular design. Feel free to share this post and leave your comments in the comment section.

Ps: Did you notice how this bag is blue, my obsession for blue doesn't seem to be going anywhere! You can read all about it here 

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