Thursday, 13 March 2014

bag attention...

Yay! its my birthday and all I've done is go for this compulsory community development service (CDS) meeting for Corpers every Thursday...yay us :|.
Okay seriously,
the good thing about it is that you meet people, get into groups with them (those that have similar interests) and then carry out some projects (not so much fun). Anyways, back to prints...I've seen a lot of prints lately and one can not deny the beauty in them. I always find myself imagining what the finished product could look like (call it passion...hehe) so I'll be sharing some of them that I've come across. Ps: ignore my "look down" pose, I've never been good at it.

This particular print has this Ghana-ish looking blend to it and I didn't give it a second thought before grabbing it. Something about Ghana prints are very unique and lovely maybe its how they play around with lines...bold lines, I don't know but I don't regret this purchase ;D.

You actually can never get tired of an ankara bag! No matter how many different designs you have, its money well spent and oh if you want a bag like me.
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  1. fantastic Munastic!

  2. Lovely bags!! Hve u got an insta acct where ur bags can be viewed?

  3. thank u, yes i do! @munamuoneke or @munastic_

  4. thats a nice bag
    u look great

    1. Thank you! and i check out your blog too! follow back..xx


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