Thursday, 28 July 2016

Flower Wreath x Year Of Mercy

Yes yes I've joined the flower wreath gang, I mean why not. I recently noticed snapchat removed the purple filter and I can't say I'm too excited about this new development cos I don't see the need for that spinning galaxy filter *long hiss* as opposed to the purple one that would contour and highlight your face...even add glow.

Anyways, I'm not here by this time of the night to rant about snapchat filter (there's twitter and snapchat for that) I'm here for something way more important. So last Sunday some fliers were passed out to us after church and on them was "Pilgrimage to the Door of Mercy" boldly written.
Basically, the Pope marks the beginning of a Jubilee year by opening of a Holy Door at the St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. So I decided to do my own mini research on this and from what I found online and what was explained to me, this happens once every 50yrs so you see why it isn't something I'm willing to miss out on. For people in Lagos and around, It's happening at the Holy Cross Cathedral on 23rd August, 2016. I plan to be there so if you see me drive byyy, halla at your gurl.

That's about it for tonight guys cos you know it's 11:53pm here and if I continue I might start writing Chinese.

PS: Diy on this off shoulder top in the picture coming soon!

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  1. Well doen for writing about this! I'll have to find out what's happening in my own parish! Thanks.
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    1. You're welcome Kachee. Please when you find out tell me so I can inform my sister in Abuja, Thank you! xx

  2. For people in Lagos, they can go on the Year of Mercy pilgrimage on any given tuesday at the Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos Island, till 20th November, 2016. If it's not your parish or society's specified date, you can still attend and register under 'Other Parishes/group'. There's a certificate too at the end of the pilgrimage. It starts by 10am. But you need to get there super early to get good seats inside. If not, there are loads of canopies outside or u can sit on the grass.

    1. Ah Thanks a whole lot for this detailed info Nelo!!! I had no idea it was every Tuesday o, I just knew 23rd was for my own parish. I really appreciate it!!! xx


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