Friday, 13 May 2016

MFF || Bolinto!

Hey guys! I'm back with the MFF(My Friday Fashionista) series yassss hunaayyy. For my first time visitors(welcome!) this is where I simply talk about whose style I'm currently loving, and I do this every friday well almost. Soooo is it just me or is Bolinto constantly on fireeeeee, chai.
 If you follow her on Instagram you already understand what I'm talking about, but if not don't worry I got you covered. Ohh just incase you don't know who she is Bolanle Olukanni aka Bolinto is a TV presenter, co-host on the show "Moments" on Ebony Life Tv. She is also a co host on MTN Project Fame and oh she's one beautiful Fashionista!

Outfit by Wana Sambo
Outfit by Amede
Did I forget to mention I met her at gidifest16, she has a really bubbly personality and I had no shame in asking her for a selfie *shrugs*
 She's also on that beach hat bandwagon, click to view the post
 This tommy is looking for who to embarrass *kmt*

Outfit from TNL Designs

Outfit by Fruche Official

Bolinto is forever bae! All pictures are from her Instagram page @bolinto 
Outfit by Iconic Invanity 

Can we also take a moment and understand the number of talented designers we have in Nigeria, you guys are good! I'll get there one day o, Amin!
Who is your friday fashionista and why! Don't forget to leave your comments and follow my blog!
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  1. Apart from her style, there's something seemingly genuine about her person!
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    1. I swearrrrr! The one time I met her she was very approachable and had a very genuine personality. You just cannot not love her! Thanks for stopping by! xx


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