Monday, 18 April 2016

The very "little" things

Do you ever just sit, look around and be thankful for the seemingly little things? Do you ever just thank God for water, light, technology and all the "little" things that make life liveable? Let's remember that not everyone is lucky enough to have them.

Ohhhh I forgot my intro...

Hey guys! how are you doing?! So do you remember this shoe from my very first blog post in 2014!? No ? Click here to read. In today's post there's a very special somebody that decided to join in the pictures hehe(If you're on my snapchat @munastic you probably already know). I know you're thinking to yourself "Could it be bae", weh keep scrolling to find out *wink wink*.

Anyhooo, let's dive into today's topic. So I want to start a "Shrink it" series on my youtube channel where I'll talk about some issues we face as human beings. They could be emotional, psychological and even physical besides, they're all connected one way or the other. I'd also be open to receiving emails from people and with their consent I might or might not share their story but obviously keeping them anonymous.

This series will not be about me dishing out advice, no. I mean I've only existed for 2decades and almost a half by next year (which is not easy so I'm thankful to God for that and praying to live longer) but I would share possible solutions from my own point of view and also let other people come in on this in the comment section.

Why am I starting this? I know they are people who are going through a lot of things, different things and think they are alone with nobody to talk to or they might feel judged or, you're not alone and they are also people who have been in the same position if not worse and come out strong. No matter what the situation and how much pain we go through, there's always someone who has been there. So I truly believe that talking about it (anonymously or not, your wish) and seeing that you're not alone takes off the burden a little less or more than me. So let's all "Shrink it" shall we?

By now you already have an idea who this very special person is...yes my superhuman, My Mother!

                                     Wondering how I tied my turban? Click here or here to watch

So what do you guys think about my 'Shrink it" series, Do you already have something to tell me ? Shrink it is a safe zone so let's get talking! Don't forget to comment, follow and never know who needs to see this.

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  1. 'Shrink it,' is a noble idea. Many people out there are hurting. Like wise, some others have experiences to share that will ease the pain of others. And hey, you've got a gorgeous mother. Very cultured and nice too. I am privileged to know her. Abeg, say me well to mummy. Muna, may your ink never run dry.

    1. Awww Amen to that! Thank you for the compliment, I'll send your msg across to her!! And thanks for taking time out to read and comment! I appreciate it 😁

  2. Awwww I know that feeling

  3. Very lovely..xoxox

  4. you Muna are just on point


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