Thursday, 1 October 2015

Good Ol' Duke

Hey Guys! Hope everyone enjoyed their mini holiday... I'm sure some people are still turning up. Before you proceed there's no "splash of green" anywhere in this post sooo...ndonu (sorry). Anyhoooo,
It's been a while since I wore my duke lipstain and I decided to wear it and do a post. Soo remember when the duke trend happened? yes everyone was all about it and in my head I thought "Nigerians and carrying trends on their head" but as a matte lover that I am, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and I absolutely loved it! All the lipstains from this sleeks flash a pout collection have LED lights and a mirror by the side so if Nepa decides to misbehave, you have nothing to worry about!

 OHHH! Someone decided to join me on this post...The one and only MAYASTIC!

Happy 55th Independence day! 
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