Monday, 21 March 2016

The Briefcase Inspired Bag!

Hey hey people! How did the week start off for y'all ? Hope well! Now if you follow me on Instagram (follow here and here) or Facebook (follow here) you must have seen the pictures of the new Bag Collection (I have the sisturr Wendy to thank for this!). I've been getting a lot of good reviews from people about this bag and the first batch is already SOLD OUT, wow I know! I've already started taking orders for the next batch so be sure to get your orders in on time hehe. 

I'll be posting pictures of the next batch once they're ready!
What do you guys think about this collection and what's your fave colour and MunaMuoneke bag so far!? Don't forget to leave your comment below, share with your friends and follow my blog using the last icon below (also follow my other social media :D).

I appreciate every view and comment!
Thanks for stopping by! 


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