Friday, 2 September 2016

Ankara x September

Happy new month guys! I wanted this post to go up on the 1st but internet started misbehaving because the weather shifted small. It's been quite a minute I blogged and I have a couple things I would like to share with you guys but I think making a video would be a better option so stay tuned.

It's already September and whenever I think of how far God has brought us, all I can say is Thank you Lord. It's another month and I am thankful to Him for life, family, friends and food. I absolutely do not take them for granted and I hope this new month brings us all Joy, Peace, Happiness and most importantly Love. Amen

I took this picture the day I went for my friend's shoot for his new clothing line Hiden Clothing. I have always admired his business/hustling spirit and I've told him he's low-key Igbo boy for that lol. Do check them out and support!
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  1. Love the Ankara dress! If there's one thing I've always wanted, it's a good tailor. And off topic, but your eyebrows are nice! || Follow me on Bloglovin'!
    Our Staycation at La Campagne Tropicana, Lagos

    1. Haha thank you Kachee, me and my brows have come a long way! On the tailor issue, a good one is a huge investment my dear. If you find one pamper them lol. xx

  2. Cute dress hun.x

  3. Gosh, Your makeup is perfect! I literally stared at that selfie for few minutes.
    Laitanbee Blog

  4. Haha! Thank youuu! All the youtube videos I've been watching definitely not in vain hehe. xx


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