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Birthday in a bit, what should I wear?! || Expectations

So it's approximately 15 days to the big 25 and I'm here feeling all sorts of way. I will no longer fall under the "early twenties" category, I keep wondering if I have to act the part of a "mid twenties" woman. How do you even act when you're in your mid twenties? What's the big difference between 24 and 25? I know turning a year older kinda seems pretty normal and you never really realise you have changed until months later. I can categorically tell you that 23yr old Muna is different from 24yr old Muna. I can even feel 25yr old Muna being different already because since we entered this 2017, I've honestly had less f@!ks to give.

Everyday of our lives we grow, we learn new things, new skills, we understand life better and we get stronger. At the end of the day, the most important thing to life is Love and Happiness and that I keep learning everyday. I have a good feeling about 2017 tho, an amazing feeling about 2017. I see great things about to happen this year, for me, for my loved ones, and for whoever is reading this and wants to tap into this prayer...can I get an AMEN??

You can read about my Hopes for 2017 here.

I see my 25yr old self putting happiness at the top of the list. I see her dropping negative people like a bad habit (this, I'm pretty good at). Human beings love drama, they feed on it, it gives them life and I'm clearly not about that life. So if I sense someone coming into my life with drama, I'll drop them like a bad habit, actually bad habits are hard to drop...I'll drop them like a hot stone!

Now to the main reason for this post. I don't know if I have a wish list for this birthday, I just know there are A LOT of things I want in general. The one thing I want for this birthday is to dress up and take pictures with the 2.5 ballon, not 25 balloons o although that would be really cool you know.
For my 24th Birthday I wanted the 2.4 balloon, I didn't get that but I got the most important things on that list which I'll share with you guys later in this post.

For this "mini shoot" that might be happening, I still don't know what to wear. I've been loving flared pants lately and I'm wondering if I should just go with it. Then again I haven't really worn a dress in a while.... a tutu maybe..nahhhh lol. See why I'm stuck?! There's just a lot of options on what to wear and I have an image in my head of what I want the pictures to look like, just that the outfit bit is blurred out there hence my confusion.

Before I continue, if you read my 24th birthday wish list you're probably curious to see what and what I got off it so I'll just list that.

  • Number one on my wish list was my very chewable niece, Maya. My sister was supposed to be in Lagos for work but due to a few things they kept on moving the trip. When trips get moved so many times its normal to assume it'll never happen, so I forgot about it. Then a few days to my birthday on a Sunday my brother left very early in the morning for a "business meeting", my mind didn't click because he can legit have business meetings anytime. I didn't know he journeyed to  Ikeja to bring Maya and my Sister Wendy. I was so shocked and happy when I saw them. Is she still on my wish list for this birthday? YES, but now that she's started school I doubt that'll happen hehe. 
  • Dapmod glasses, I really wanted them for my 24th and I got them. I did a mini review on my  youtube channel. Is it still on my wish list? A girl can't say no to cool fashion you know!
  • CassieDaves blog planner - Yaas, I got it and YES I want the 2017 planner. I need to get my blogger life organised. Besides, I also use it to plan everything about my day..week..month. 
  • The last was Cold stone Ice cream. I know I know, I'm lactose intolerant but mahn...that thing can be enemy of progress. 
Read all about my confessions as a lactose intolerant here
Anyhoo, do you have an outfit idea for me? Pleeeeaaase I would really like some ideas. Feel free to drop your comments here or on my Instagram, If you decide to slide into my dm with ideas,  that's also okay.

On the mid twenties matter, if you're 25 and above how different is it from your early twenties? What made you nervous about turning 25 and how did you overcome it? If you're still in your "early twenties" what are you looking forward to most about turning 25? I'd really like to know!

Ps: You might like to watch the new DIY video up on my channel here

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  1. I really wanted a photoshoot with those 28 number balloons as well. Didn't get that, so hopefully on my 30th! Enjoy 25. God bless you girl!

    1. Kachee Kachee! Ah the big 30, gats do it big lol. Thank you baby girl!! xx


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