Thursday, 16 March 2017

25th Birthday Vlog!

Hey hey people! Who's getting ready for the weekend?! No, I didn't have a "bash" for my 25th and I'm not having one and yes my day was amazing! I went to work, came back, washed my hair, had food and sunk into the couch. I went about my daily activities, edited some videos, lurked on Instagram and replied some messages...then slept off on the couch.
If you're subscribed to my channel (if not, subscribe here) you already know I've been trying to vlog every now and then especially on weekends because thats when I sort of have activities going on. Anyhoo, watch my recent vlog below and please subscribe, like and comment.

PS: You can read my birthday post "25 Lessons in 25 Years" by clicking here

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