Sunday, 28 June 2015

Scarf it up!

Hey guys! So it's that time again where I drop something and disappear hehe. I had a few things to do today and my hair was not in a good i decided to scarf it up with mums scarf! ...Speaking of grown ups, I never knew growing up was so hard!
A lot of people talk about their experiences on their road to adulthood but you can never understand until you experience it yourself. For me, the best way to handle some of these situations is to switch off, go off the radar for a few hours possibly days (make sure your loved ones know you're alive o) and take that time to think and evaluate your life. Talk to God, have a conversation with Him not necessarily in the "prayer" sense but just sit down and talk to Him. Prayer works, sometimes even when you don't believe. Take sometime off, PRAY and have FAITH, talk to the Him and watch things change in your favour.
Now walking through the streets of "adult-ville" is not something one has to do alone, I clearly haven't even walked halfway but i'm glad I have my Family, Friends, Inspirational books and my best Friend to help walk this path. I can't stop saying how amazing and positive this particular book "Its your time" by Joel Osteen is. If you need to uplift your spirit and carry on with a very positive life, I believe books like this and sermons will give you that strength. I won't talk much on this now but my next post will be about it. So stick around for more Joel Osteen Positivity!

                                        yes I just had to look down
                                      open your eyes Muna, its not that hard...


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