Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Double Denim

Hey guys! How are you doing?  sure some people are still stuck in this horrendous Lagos traffic. I know someone who has decided to become a bat (only come out at night) because of it LOL, but do you blame them. 

So back to this  major throwback picture (just last month actually) where I decided to hop on the double denim bandwagon. The jacket and heel obviously had to come off at some point because a gurl needs her balance. Anyway, I'll be doing another denim on denim look soonish so stay tuned. 
Oh and keep going to see who and who joined in on the denim trend hehe.

I absolutely love this flat fringed brogue (that's what it's called right ?) from Primark, too comfy and def going to be my everyday shoe.

So everybody had a bit of denim going on and we didn't even plan it! Seee, blood is thicker than water. Aaand Maya couldn't get enough of Grandpa or is it the other way round lol! 

What do you guys think about the look? How would you rather style your double denim look ? Don't forget to follow my blog by subscribing and leave your comments in the comment section!

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