Thursday, 19 November 2015

Easy Brow Tutorial with Ifunanya

Hey guys! This one is for my ladies who are struggling in the brow department y'all know yourselves. So I was having a chat with the lovely mua the other day and her constantly beat face came up, we then concluded she'll do a brow tutorial for my people. Read on and thank me later *wink wink*.

"The basic items needed are:
Brow pencil, gel or powder (whatever you're comfortable with)
 A spoolie (mascara wand)
 An angled brush
 A concealer (two shades lighter than your normal skin tone)
 A brow set (optional but great if you have a lot of hair on your brows)

Step oneComb through your brow with a spoolie to smoothen the hair back into Its natural shape

Step two: Go in with your pencil, gel or powder using light strokes, starting from the middle bottom of the brow and work your way to the end of the brow, creating an arch or curve. Note: I find that it's easier to create your arch or curve first because it serves as a guide for the rest of the brow.  Always go with your natural brow shape, meaning that you shouldn't create an arch if your brows curve naturally and vice versa.

Step threeGo in again and start from to brow area closest to the nose and trace out a soft line that meets the one you did before at the bottom. Do the same at the top of the brow. And you'll end up with a brow sketch Note: do not go above or below your brow, always work within the natural lines.

Step four:  Now you can fill in the empty space that you created using your pencil or gel and working with soft strokes. Remember  to keep it softer at the areas close to the nose so you don't end up with an angry looking brow. Note: go back in with your spoolie and comb through the brow to neaten them, this step helps to remove excess product and keep the brows soft. 

Step five: Take a small amount of concealer on your angled brush and proceed to clean up the brow area. Start from under the brow, the area closest to your nose and work your way to the end/tip. Blend the excess product down towards your lid and keep blending till it disappears. Note: if you must apply concealer to the top of your brow, use what's left on the brush and make sure it blends into your skin when you're done. 

Step six: Add a coat of brow set over the brows. This helps to keep the brows in place all day. 

P.S:  Getting the perfect brows require daily practice. Don't rush it, take your time, Remember to apply products little by little to avoid overly thick/ drag queen brows. It is NOT cute to use a concealer that is 5 shades lighter, keep it simple. Find the shape that works for your face. No two brows are the same, your brows are sisters not twins so it's okay if they don't look like clones as long as they look balanced, even and symmetrical. Have a great brow day 😀 

Contact for questions/enquiries:
Snapchat: ify 
Instagram: Ifinanya  "

VOI LA! Like she said, practise makes perfect. Hope there's one or two less struggle brows roaming the streets, the Lord is your strength. Don't forget to practise, comment and share because I'll be back with more exciting stuff! 


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