Saturday, 27 February 2016

Nude Pants and white, winning!

Hey guys! I'm back again with my plenty talk and outfit details. This is one major throwback picture I took in October 2015 and wasn't sure if it was going to make it to ze blog buuut here we are.
These nude pants from hm are one of the most comfortable pants I've ever owned and I have my sisturrr Amy to thank for it (she's the queen of comfortable clothing).
I actually have both my sisters to thank for 60% of my outfits, some they buy for me, some they give me (yaps, I still wear hand me downs ofuma ehe?) and some I steal  borrow, just the way I "borrowed" the shoe in this post here  hehe. This my act of "borrowing" now fetched me a wonderful nickname at home "The great obtainer", but oh well what can a girl do.

 please try not to judge my hairline

In this picture there are only two items on my body that I bought myself, can you guess what they are lol? Don't forget to follow my blog, comment and share with your friends!
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