Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Helllooo March x Birthday Wishlist

Hey guys! Happy New Month and Thank God for letting us see this wonderful day! May March be good to us in Jesus name, Amen! I know I seem hyped about March because of my birthday but actually, I'm just happy for a new day! So I decided to copy Cassiedaves and do a birthday wish list (also another reason to have a post up!) just incase uno...you never know lol.

Anyhooo, here it is
Somebody please ship Mesomaya to Lagos! (madam disturbance tho) but yaasss she is number one on my birthday wish list. Very Chewable somebody, happiness guaranteed!
You know I had to include a camera, I mean...a gurl needs quality pictures *shrugs*

Yasss to Dapmod Sunglasses #CoolFashionForEveryone

My blog diary needs organisation and Cassiedaves blog planner is *insert key emoji*!
Sneakers...Just because I love them

I-ce Cream,You Scream!!! (Yes I'm lactose Intolerant, Yes I still want Ice cream *shhh don't tell my mummy ;;)

Yaaaayyy ballooonsss, who can say no to balloons! kai lowkey getting old sha

If I continue y'all will get tired so I'll just stop here, buuuuut anything from a missed call to food, makeup, shoe-lala even a mansion (haha) is something, at least I'll know you said a quick prayer for me! 
Ohhhh Did I forget to mention my blog will be 2 on my birthday!? Now you know, keep an eye open for a GIVEAWAY COMING SOON!
Don't forget to comment and share! Oh and follow my blog o (by clicking the last icon below..and other ones too!), you not winning no giveaway if you don't follow me haha (I'm serious tho). 

Thanks for stopping by! 


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  1. Aww, I love her name.
    Thanks for including us in your wishlist! Please somebody listen to her ohhh.


  2. Happy birthday in adavance and I can't wait for the giveaway

    1. Thank you! Hehe keep an eye open it'll come soon!!


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