Friday, 4 March 2016

My failed attempt at YamXButter

My fellow Nigerians, who remembers yam by butter?! That different type of sweet fried yam we always bought during lunch time in primary/secondary school. Well, those of us that went to the not-so-posh secondary school will remember
...mine wasn't posh at all! Although I shuffled between 4 secondary schools between Jss1 - 2 (or was it 3) the only posh school among them was Providence High School (PHS)...but that's story for another day.

Oya back to the matter open and close. Yesterday I was craving yam by butter, and the last time I had it was in Abuja when chef Dolindo decided to serve us one of her mouth watery meals. I tried to remember how she made it but whenever she's cooking I'm either playing with Maya or safe to say I didn't remember. What did I do? I created my own recipe and the result was... "Do not try this at home".

I used two eggs and the usual omelette procedure, I think I was supposed to add flour but I used it all to make that delicious pancake from my pancake story (you can read it here ) so no flour. That didn't stop me either, I gave it another twist and ended up with what I call a mellow disaster! As I type this I'm taking tom-tom to quench the sore throat I created for myself in the name of yam by butter, I wonder If Dudu and Amy got it too.
Anyways, If you know the right name hep a sister out. I'll definitely call chef Dolindo to collect her recipe and give it a second try so subscribe/follow to know when the post comes up!
 ps: I arranged it in form of a brick because I had Casper and Gambini's "Chicken under a brick" in my mind. Also story for another day!

What do you guys think about my yam by butter recipe? Do you even know what it is or you're one of the posh secondary school kids? Would you try my recipe tho? I strongly recommend that you don't. Leave your thoughts in the comment section and don't forget to share.

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  1. Mellow disaster... Lol
    It looks interesting from the photo anyways.. May be if u post a comprehensive recipe then one can write it.. Nice one.. Thanks for reminding me of this mouth watery 11:30am lunch snacks.. Cheers

    1. Hehe you're welcome Emx, I'll post the right recipe soon once I get it and try it out. I don't want to poison anybody's child lol.


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