Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Hey guys! So finally finally I get to do my EDC(EveryDay Carry) essentials post. I've had this post collecting dust since in my draft but I've just not been able to finish editing it.
Anyhooo today is the day that I finally share some of the things I carry around in my bag everyday.

  • The CassieDaves blog planner, you never know when you need to write down something. Besides I don't only use it for blog related stuff which I mentioned in this video here.
  • The ankara book is a gift from my friend that I converted to my business book, Thank you Humsky! 
  • A pen obviously and my passport photograph (No i'm not a weirdo, just ask Iyesogie of It's Diva Diaries)

  •  Reading glasses for....well for reading and too much screen time, sunglasses because Nigerian sun is not a joking sturvs *in falz's voice*!
  • Gold necklace for days the mother complains I look bare and because it's a birthday gift I "collected" from the father.
  • Daalu point card and bank card need not be stranded and nope no wallet cos mine is too bulky! (Since I've started receiving Christmas gifts, you can now send me portable wallet/purse...says the handbag designer Thanks and God bless *shrugs*).

  •  Napkin to wipe my finger after eating chicken don't lie y'all don't wash your hands too after kfc haha.
  • Mother of Perpetual Help Portrait and my Rosary because I just like to have them with me all the time!
  • My GSM of course.

  •  Earphone to form busy when you not in the mood to talk to anyone and charger because I don't have a power bank.

  • Powder and lip balm because we have to keep this ministry moving forward AND this oily face don't want us to be great, but guess what? We gon be great!
  • Ibuprofen to combat the demonic headache, felvin 20 and always cos madam can come anytime. Although this "My Calendar" period app is major key!
  • Hand sanitiser because after the Ebola crisis it just has to be part.
So yup, that's about it for my EDC and to be honest 80% of the time I don't use all of this but oh well, I'm my mother's child.

Don't forget to tell me what's in your bag in the comment section, I read and appreciate them!
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  1. love posts like this.just came across your blog.Will be checking it out henceforth!

    1. Yaaay! Welcome Cheechee! Thank you and plss also follow. I'll def follow and checkout your blog too. xx

  2. Nice. I just came across your blog from your comment on sisiyemmie. i like the look of it. I hope say u dey pray ur rosary, not to carry it about. lol. don't worry i'm not judging u cos i'm guilty. i'm trying to do better though in this month of mary. If i open my own bag, u will run....hahahhaa

    1. Woop welcome Chinelo! Loool I've been slacking in praying it as much as I should o chai x_x but the Lord is our strength and like you said this month is a good way to start! Hahaha pls open your bag let us see o. Thank you and pls also follow, I'll follow back and checkout your blog too. xx


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